Spiritual Mentor

It is because of my passion to be a Mentor that I created SIMPLE, Spirit Inspired Mentoring Plus Loving Energy.

Through this program you can:

• Discover what is next for you if you are “in transition” because of a change in life circumstances;
• Get desired results when setting goals and intentions to create the reality you truly desire;
• Experience a “new image” of yourself from the inside out.

I look forward to assisting you in manifesting your “heart’s desire”!

We are all gifted with the ability to create and we all have the ability to manifest our reality as our “hearts desires”! It is as SIMPLE as knowing there exists in each one of us a flame of passion which, when ignited and fed, opens us to the awareness that we create our reality.

Just as we create our current reality we can recreate the reality of our desires. Once the flames of Passion are ignited, we are open to new choices, and new possibilities for our lives beyond what we previously had imagined possible.

It has been through my years of experience and years of working with clients that I know it is a gift we all possess.

Energy Intuitive

Working as an energy intuitive means I perceive (know, hear, see, feel or sense) energy and I interpret it into a language matching your frame of reference. All energy is connected to our beliefs and our emotions. I create with you an opportunity to expose blocked energies which can be in the form of unconscious belief systems or emotional struggles.

Through making direct contact with the energy in your field the areas of “pain” become exposed. It is through our Pain that we access Power.

The session can then become the opportunity for integration, which can result in mental clarity, an emotional feeling of peacefulness and a physical sense of well – being. It is possible then to experience a shift in your ability to respond to everyday life situations with integrity and authenticity.

Becoming aware of how our thoughts and beliefs create our biology is an important part of a session. When we are disconnected from our Spiritual self and are unable to access or process our emotions from a place other then our mental level, we create a state of “dis-harmony” resulting in “dis-ease”in our physical body. Integrating logic and intuition is a beginning step. From this place you have unlimited resources available from which you can begin making choices and discovering who you are, what you stand for, and why you are here.

When we choose to live in harmony spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically we can manifest our hearts desires and experience a life filled with joy, love & peace.

Megan is a highly skilled professional. Her intuition, knowledge and broad training equips her to lead clients to profound breakthroughs on a regular basis. I’m so grateful to leave piles of the past behind and step into a freer future, all lightened up. 

– M.S. (Seattle, speaker, author, coach)

I’ve struggled with how to work with negative feelings such as that pit-of-the-stomach fear. I had a tough situation and very quickly, I had refocused on myself, my skills, my gifts, and what I could accomplish. I took control of my situation with compassion, love, and clarity.  The outcome is very much up to me.  I feel more than empowered to handle this.  Thank you so much! Your work has truly, truly changed my life!

– A.C. (Client)

Being your true self is the most effective formula for success there is…

– Danielle LaPorte

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It is with JOY & GRATITUDE that I have the opportunity to serve & assist you in your journey.

This is the time to experience who we are as multidimensional beings, living & expressing ourselves as LOVE itself.

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