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As Spiritual Beings we have chosen to be here now at this time to assist with the ascension process of planet earth and the awakening of humanity. Our Souls have been committed throughout our many lifetimes to remember who we are as energetic beings of light, sound, vibration, pure consciousness and Source itself. We create our reality from the Quantum Field, the field of all possibilities and potentiality. The offerings through the Quantum Energy Academy empower us to remember and bring forth the wisdom and knowledge that we all carry.

“The Quantum Field is a vast conciousness.  It’s the very essence of everything.”


The Quantum Foundation Intensive

These are exciting times! Science and Spirituality are merging through our understanding and awareness of the Quantum Field. We now have the opportunity to address the following questions from this new perspective and paradigm: Who Am I? Why am I here? How do I navigate this experience (of life on Earth)? This intensive is your roadmap to discovering the answers to these questions that are unique to you. In addition, you will learn: esoteric concepts grounded in real life practicality; tools to navigate through rapid change and chaos so you can achieve greater peace, centeredness and balance; how to design and create the reality you desire; and so much more!

In this 14-week intensive you will learn:

~Who you are as energy
~Why you are on Planet Earth at this time
~How to navigate this experience (of life on Earth)
~Esoteric concepts grounded in real life practicality
~Energy Anatomy (chakras & subtle bodies)
~How to communicate with guides, angels, animal spirits, nature intelligence and crystals
~Tools to navigate through rapid change and chaos
~How to design and create the reality you desire
~And so much more!

This intensive is ideal for those who are:

~Interested in self-discovery
~On a spiritual path
~Professionals or students in the healing arts (or those who would like to be)

What others are saying about this Course:

“This Course is gold!”

“This is a life changing class that helped me find direction as well as understand myself better.”

“The class has been exceptional. I only wish I could have taken it 20 years ago.”

“Thank you Jeni and Megan for such a wonderful 14 weeks!!! I can’t wait to see what is coming next!!”

“This was a great overview of alternative healing!”

“Everything I learned in class I was able to apply to my own life. Megan and Jeni did an amazing job teaching the class and used very helpful examples from their own lives. Would definitely take this class again as there is sooo much to learn and can’t wait for the follow-up! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Quantum Business Ignition Program

This is a six month-long energetic mentoring program created for Conscious-preneurs—those who wish to create a business that has consciousness as a foundation, reflects their heart’s desires and passions, affects and serves the world in a positive way, and is a full expression of their mastery. QBIP is designed to ignite your business and your life at a Quantum level!

This Program consists of:
~6-monthly 60-minute two-on-one coaching/energetic calls to help you discover and move towards your intention(s) and goals with grace, ease and velocity.
~6-monthly 60-minute group calls with the other QBIP participants. These calls will consist of group support through shared expertise, wisdom and inspiration thereby exponentially creating clarity, transformation and success.
~6 months of energetic support because you are being held in the Energetic Grid created for this program. This grid will amplify your natural state of success, abundance, creativity and inspiration. Each day you will be able to connect through intention into the Energetic Grid (through your Higher Self) and you will receive a download of energy that will uniquely assist you in your evolutionary process.

This program is ideal for those who are:
~starting a new business
~choosing to elevate their business
~ re-inventing/re-igniting their business

“The Quantum Business Ignition Program changed my life. When I read the program description, I knew in my heart it was something I needed to attend; It ended up being so much more than I ever imagined. My business and my life have moved forward by leaps and bounds. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is even remotely considering it. It is a definite game changer! Thank you Jeni and Megan for this amazingly powerful program!! “
Jill M.

Quantum Membership Program

The Quantum membership Program is a signature program of the Quantum Energy Academy Mystery school. This program is designed to assist you in harnessing the energies of each month of the year.

This program consists of:

~12-monthly, 60-minute calls that will:

~Amplify the work you received on the New Year’s Day call;

~Tap into and download new frequencies that are available for us,
which in turn will impact our planet on a global level;

~Support and integrate the energies of this year;

~Provide focused awareness of the themes for 2021;

~Individually assist in the evolution, expansion, and integration of
your Soul’s Divine Mission in this lifetime;

~Create collective energetic support in community during these
accelerated changing times.

Calls will be recorded so that you can listen to them multiple times throughout the month, which we highly encourage. If you are unavailable for a call, you will still receive the transmission energies and can listen to the replay when it is convenient for you.

By choosing to participate, you are committing to your evolution at an accelerated pace. The work starts at the time of registration!

“I experienced the gift of tapping into the possibility of the quantum field during the Quantum Membership Program. Megan and Jeni Miller guided us through a variety of seemingly magical experiences that resulted in personal expansion, boundless possibility, and a solid understanding of my authentic self (soul self, higher self). I am forever grateful and highly recommend any and all work with Megan and Jeni!”
Leslie B. McKee

“Even though I have a daily spiritual practice of yoga, meditation, reading and prayer the stress of daily life and energy of this world can weigh me down in a cloud at times. Participating in the Quantum Membership Program helps lift the cloud. I have learned a lot from the information and insights that Megan and Jeni share each month. The energy transmission helps lift the cloud and opens the channel that connects me to Source. It is like getting a spiritual “tune up” every month. These transmissions help keep my light shining clearly and radiantly.”
Darcy G.

“The QMP is a magnificent way for me to expand and continue my growth.
Each call is unique and contains a vast array of information and beautiful energies. Jeni and Megan co-create a powerful transmission. The journey they lead me on opens me to my true self, greatest potential, insights, and realizations. When I finish the call I feel peaceful and filled with wonderment and love.
These calls have shifted my perspective, opened me to new ideas, concepts, and are assisting in my transformation. I feel excitement, looking forward to each monthly call and where the journey will take me.”
Laura R.

“I am so grateful you are offering the Quantum Membership Program again this year 2021.
It was amazing opening of both deeper dimensions within me and inter-dimensionally. Every aspect of my life has been enhanced abundantly. You make it very easy by requesting we “just allow”.
I can’t wait to see what evolves for 2021!”
Donetta J.

Quantum Evolution Program

Claiming Your Mastery

This is a year-long energetic mentoring program created for those ready to step into and commit to an acceleration of their evolution on a personal, professional, and spiritual level, as well as serving humanity and our planet, Mother Earth. In addition, they have an inner calling to express their unique contribution in the World and are ready to boldly step into their mastery. This program is designed to assist you in the discovery, expression, and experience of a higher vision of who you are at a Quantum level!

This program consists of:

~12-monthly 60-minute two-on-one coaching/energetic calls to help you discover and move towards your intention(s) with velocity.

~12-monthly 60-minute group calls with the other QEP participants. These calls will consist of group support and energetic transmissions that will exponentially bring clarity, transformation, and success.

~4 remote Quantum Ascension Sessions, one each calendar quarter.

~365 days of energetic support because you are being held in the Energetic Grid created for this program. This grid will amplify your natural state of well-ness, abundance, wholeness, and perfection. Each day you will be able to connect through intention into the Energetic Grid (through your Higher Self) and you will receive a download of energy that will uniquely assist you in your evolutionary process.

“Thank you, Megan and Jeni for the incredible Quantum Evolution Program-Claiming Your Mastery! The past year has been life altering. I started the Program uncertain of my medium-ship abilities and not knowing my path or my purpose. The deep, deep work I have done with you has completely changed me as a person. I have gone from confused and fearful to confident and sovereign. I’ve learned to focus my energy into a strong, vertical column, and I now have certainty that I am a medium and can choose whether or when to pursue it. I also gained assurance that I have been on the right path for many years in my current profession, as I have been employing the Divine Feminine all along. The many layers of healing and release of emotional pain has made me calmer and happier with myself and my decisions. I felt safe being vulnerable, and the people in our group were supportive and kind. Thank you again for a truly wonderful experience!”
-Lisa O.

“When I enrolled in the Quantum Evolution Program-Claiming Your Mastery, the concept was a new idea to me. My initial expectations of the program and what actually played out over the course of one year were very different.
Experiencing my evolution with Megan and Jeni as my quantum coaches allowed me to step into the energy of the truth of who I truly am and helped me experience the deeper understanding of my purpose in this lifetime.

They modeled ways of living in the quantum and guided me on my path, while offering meaningful input. Their perspective, clarity and knowledge of living in the quantum field created a space for me to eventually begin to embrace this new concept in my daily life.

Each monthly session with Megan and Jeni offered growth, expansion and compassion for myself, knowing that my human self was living within 3D and also in the quantum 5D, simultaneously. Their gift of listening, truth-telling, intuition, and heart-felt compassion gave me space to learn, grow and especially to be heard!
I’m forever grateful to Megan and Jeni for my spiritual evolution and for developing this wonderful program!”
-Libby Elizabeth

“If you are ready to embark on a real shift in your consciousness, Quantum Evolution Program-Claiming Your Mastery is the place! Jeni and Megan are masters in leading you to your heart where you can tap into your personal wisdom, insights, power and intuition. From your heart, they will guide you to the Quantum Field where there are infinite possibilities and support. Jeni and Megan guide you through your own challenges to assist you to co create the changes you are seeking for yourself. In just a short 9 months I went from, “What am I going to do next?” to creating a platform for a business that is a calling from my higher self.

Expansion is a challenge sometimes, yet Jeni and Megan use their skills, talents and insights to assist you to find your way with confidence and in my case some great hand holding.”
-Shannon C.

“The Quantum Evolution Program allowed me to dig into myself as much as I could to get to meet my true self and live in that state of loving energy, and confidence each day and share it with everyone around me. It is priceless. The individual and group sessions moved me and our group through amazing transformations. I would personally recommend any person who wants to know more about themselves, talk with Jeni and Megan about the QEP. Working with them has been truly one of the best experiences for me. Thank you both to the moon and back!”
Michael J.

Quantum Ascension Sessions

You are invited to experience a whole new paradigm in energy work. These sessions are unlike anything you have ever experienced before! Enjoy the freedom of expansion as you enter the infinite potentiality of the Quantum Field—where anything and everything is possible!

In these 30-minute 2-on-1 sessions you will:

~Be immersed in the frequencies of light, sound and crystals

~Elevate your vibration

~Harmonize your energy field with the resonance of your Higher Self, Superconsciousness, and quantum body

~Supercharge and amplify the crystalline energies in your bodies

~Create alignment with your multi-dimensional aspects

~Support you in knowing and claiming who you truly are as the Quantum Field itself

The Quantum Energy Academy-A Mystery School is a Co-Creation between Megan McGeowin and Jeni Miller.  You can find information about Jeni on her website:  www.jenimiller.com.

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