Certified  Facilitators

Elise Kloter, LMP

Elise brings a varied background and a passion for connecting people to her role as a Dolphin POD Project™ Facilitator. A Licensed Massage Therapist for over 30 years, and holding a BA in Psychology/Philosophy, she has worn many hats, often concurrently!

A former Montessori teacher and teacher trainer, Elise loves nurturing and inspiring kids and adults alike. She is a Passion Test Facilitator, where she has the opportunity to ignite and support clients of all ages in discovering and living their passions. While co-hosting The Sisters of Sizzle Talk Radio, Elise featured dynamic and inspirational guests living a “life on fire.” As a massage therapist and energy worker, Elise helps her clients achieve optimum vitality in body, mind and spirit.

Elise’s insatiable curiosity for different cultures and environs has led her to travel the world, covering six continents and
thirty countries! One thing she has learned is while languages and landscapes may vary, the humanity within us is a common thread. She especially loves connecting with the women wherever she travels, as sisterhood is universal. Elise is thrilled to be facilitating PODs and utilizing all of her life experience and expertise in connecting, supporting, and mentoring women to lead their best possible lives. We all have so much wisdom to share with and gain from each other…let the creating begin!

Elise Kloter, LMP

Libby Elizabeth

Libby was raised in a mainstream Christian home, and at a very young age she understood how spirituality could be expressed in more expansive ways. Years of studying and learning various alternative spiritual practices, opened a pathway for her to experience a life-changing spiritual awakening. After her awakening, Libby’s energy intuitive gifts propelled her forward to include certification as an Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master, Dolphin Pod Project™ Apprentice and Facilitator, and more recently, making/editing/ posting videos on her YouTube channel – Sacred Awakening. Currently, Libby facilitates her own Dolphin Pods and participates in the Dolphin Podcare group, which is a pod of certified facilitators who connect and support one another monthly. 

Libby embraces the truth that we ALL are co-creators of our reality, which allows us a life-giving platform to experience the Dolphin consciousness of LOVE, JOY, CREATIVITY, PASSION, PLAY, HARMONY, PEACE, CONNECTION and ONENESS. 

She is a compassionate individual who cares deeply for our Mother Earth and humanity as a whole. Libby’s greatest joy is mentoring and listening to others as they walk their ascension journey. Her light shines brightly each day as she honors her gifts with compassion and love. 

Libby is so grateful to be living on our planet at this time, and her ability to connect her heart to the universe, multiverse, and intergalactic civilizations is part of her personal ascension. 

Libby Elizabeth invites you to connect with her via:
Youtube: Sacred Awakening-Libby Elizabeth
Facebook: Sacred Awakening by Libby Elizabeth 

**Libby lives in Renton,Washington with her husband Dan,and their dog Chip. She is employed by a Lutheran church as the Community and Communications Coordinator. Libby enjoys spending time with her two adult children, having meaningful conversations with her friends, (coffee or wine in hand) and reading books on spirituality and universal consciousness. 

Laura Renn

Laura Renn is an Energy Intuitive who is committed to assisting clients on their journey of awakening to their Divine Selves. She holds a BA in social work and has been a practitioner of massage and energy work for 20 years. As a Certified Dolphin Pod Facilitator, she works with individuals and small groups using her skills as an Energy Intuitive, Meditation and Power of Intention Facilitator and Divine Feminine Workshop Facilitator.

Laura is immersed in and committed to her devotional spiritual practices and her own evolution. Her nurturing and calming presence provides a profoundly peaceful environment, allowing clients to relax into the moment, drop into their inner depths and open up to new possibilities. Welcome to the Dolphin Pod Project™. I look forward to meeting those who are looking for support in their journey.

Laura Renn

Hester Morrissey

Hester Morrissey is a certified Integrative Medicine Health Coach, Functional Nutrition Counselor Ayurvedic Self-Care Counselor, Vibrational Connector and Spiritual Intuitive. 

Hester is passionate about helping people navigate the challenging waters of autoimmune disease, migraines and chronic inflammation. Hester specializes in root cause analysis, individualized wellness programs and loving support for anyone seeking to turn the challenges of life with chronic disease into a catalyst for new beginnings. Hester lovingly cultivates your inner-awareness, wisdom and creates space for healing from these conditions so you can focus on self-care for your body, mind, soul and spirit. Healing is magnified by creating the life you want with knowledge, support, accountability and clear intention. Hester facilitates the purification of your body and mind while inviting your soul to take a strong presence in your heart. 

As a Dolphin POD Facilitator, Hester guides you to create your best life with love and joy among like-minded people so you can grow and heal in community. Hester is a skilled wellness facilitator and transformational guide. She brings her heart into every interaction and listens from deep within so that hearts and souls unite, bodies heal and both men and women thrive, even with autoimmune disease. 


Amy Fisher

Amy has long been a consultant in corporate America because she has a passion for helping people work through their problems. She brings the same problem-solving mentality to her work with her Dolphin Pods. Holding space, with an open heart, and encouraging others to tap into their own intuition. She believes that when inner knowing is used in this way, true healing and miracles can occur. See the work she does in addition to the Dolphin Pod Project™ at www.amydawn.net.

Amy Fisher
Email: amydawn1000@hotmail.com
Cell: 206-445-9956
Website: www.amydawn.net

Be the Embodiment of Love:  Allow your Self to be transformed by Love, Let the music of Love melt your heart, Let Divinity fill your heart with Love.

– Sai Maa

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