Dolphin POD Project

The Dolphin POD Project came into being for the purpose of assisting Planet Earth in the ascension process of raising global consciousness by spreading the Dolphin energy of JOY, LOVE, HARMONY, PEACE, CREATIVITY, PLAY, CONNECTION, and ONENESS.

As we are the embodiment of these qualities, we have the opportunity to accomplish this and be of service to humanity. Through the creation of PODS (the Presence of Our Divine Self generates the Power of Our Divine Service), we are bringing people together to intentionally spread this energy throughout the universe as we individually experience and express these very qualities, which is who we are.

The Dolphin POD Project takes the form of groups of three people, engaging in 60-90 minute phone conversations every month. During these calls, participants have the opportunity to share with like-minded individuals in a safe, intimate setting.

Listening to others, being heard, feeling acknowledged, and supported by having opportunities to ask for and receive constructive feedback are key elements inherent in the POD experience. It is necessary and of utmost importance to have such experiences for our own personal and spiritual growth and evolution.

A key part of The Dolphin POD Project is the Dolphin Apprentice Program which serves to accomplish the Project Mission of spreading the qualities of the Dolphin Energy world-wide. Apprentices are empowered through a year-long program (65 hours) of training in the creation, implementation, and facilitation of their own PODS.

Since its inception, The Dolphin POD Project is continuing to provide unlimited opportunities for those who have a calling to be of service on this planet through remembering who we are and the power we have as Creators and Co-Creators of a reality that serves all humanity.

If you’re interested in joining or learning more about the Dolphin POD Project, please contact us.

The Dolphin POD Project certified facilitators can be viewed here.


The Dolphin Pod Project is an opportunity.
It’s an opportunity to sit still.
An opportunity to give attention.
An opportunity to listen.
An opportunity to learn from other people’s experiences.
An opportunity to learn from your own experiences.
An opportunity to connect.
An opportunity to belong.
An opportunity to remember who I am.
An opportunity to receive.
An opportunity to come from the inside out.
An opportunity to retreat.
An opportunity to expand.
An opportunity to serve.
An opportunity to be served.
An opportunity to express.
An opportunity to hold space for others.
An opportunity to love and be loved.
An opportunity to be heard.
An opportunity to be seen.
An opportunity to explore.
An opportunity to feel safe.
An opportunity for self love.
An opportunity for adventure.

S.C. (Dolphin POD apprentice)


My life has been enriched by participating in the Dolphin Pod Project. I feel held in a container of nurturing and loving energy. The protective layers around my heart melt away and I can allow myself to be vulnerable. The pod is a place that is safe to be seen and heard as I share about my journey. The support I receive helps me to stretch out of my comfort zone continuing to expand and grow. I have a beautiful connection with each woman in our pod that deepens with each call. A real sense of community. Each time I arrive on a call it is like coming home to good friends. There is much gratitude in my heart to be a part of the Dolphin Pod Project.

L.R. (Dolphin POD apprentice)

When I joined the Dolphin POD Project, I didn’t have any expectations. I just figured a girl can always use the support of like-minded, positive women. Little did I know that I would be manifesting at the speed of light! 

Between the power of the group, Megan’s guiding wisdom, and the light and playful dolphin energy, the monthly setting of intentions was easy and fun. I found that the more detached I was from the outcome, the more I manifested! You definitely need to be careful what you ask for when working with the dolphin energy, because you will get it!

E.K. (Dolphin POD apprentice)

“The Dolphin Pod Project has truly changed my life.

When I heard about the Dolphin Pod Project, I thought “dolphins – they’re beautiful creatures but how could I possibly be connected to the Dolphinenergy?”

The experience of participating in a pod group has changed my spiritual life and moved my heart in divine oneness.

Sharing conversation, meditation, and transmissions with people I don’t know, allows a unique way to engage in one’s own spiritual life. The connection to the divine grid of humanity and the world is a beautiful gift.

Megan allows space for everyone to have their own heart-filled experience. This is truly a gift of love. Her ability to meet others where they are in their journey is comforting and allows one to feel safe and affirmed. The beauty, creativity, connection and Love that dolphins share with one another in their pods is what the Pod Project participants experience – Life affirming and oneness with All That Is!” 

L.L. (Dolphin POD apprentice) 

Be the Embodiment of Love:  Allow your Self to be transformed by Love, Let the music of Love melt your heart, Let Divinity fill your heart with Love.

– Sai Maa

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This is the time to experience who we are as multidimensional beings, living & expressing ourselves as LOVE itself.

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