The Circle of Intention weekly calls began in June 2018, based on the research of Dr. Lynne McTaggart which she describes in her book, The Power of Eight.  This process can be done in person or via teleconference calls. The calls are voluntary and one can participate in them as often as one has the availability to be on the call.  Consistency has been a factor in the results as reported in the research studies.  If you can’t be on the call but would like to put forth an intention for the group, you can contact the facilitator and make a request.

As research has proven, when people gather in a group consistently over a period of time, regardless of the number, and set intentions which are amplified by the group’s energy, amazing shifts (miracles) can occur. There have been years of research done validating how people’s lives have been miraculously impacted whether being a receiver or a sender of an intention during a group experience such as this.

The format established for the Circle of Intention Group is to have a specific intention put forth by one person who is open and willing to receive. It can be related to anything around healing on a physical level or related to any area of life where you would like to experience a change or shift. The group is brought into unified heart coherence through a centering process. The other group members become the senders.  Each person holds the focus of the intention that has been put forth and sends loving energy from their heart to the heart of the person receiving.

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