Harmonizing With Spirit

What are you creating with your life?

We are all gifted with the ability to create and we all have the ability to manifest our reality as our “heart’s desires”.

It is as simple as knowing there exists in each one of us a flame of passion that when ignited and fed opens us to the awareness that we create our reality.

We invite you to learn more about our programs below.

Quantum Energy Academy-A Mystery School

We create our reality from the Quantum Field, the field of all possibilities and potentiality. The offerings through the Quantum Energy Academy empower us to remember and bring forth the wisdom and knowledge that we all carry.

Mentoring & Energy Sessions

Just as we create our current reality, we can recreate the reality of our desires. Once the flames of Passion are ignited, we are open to new choices and new possibilities for our lives beyond what we previously had imagined possible.

The Dolphin POD Project™

The Dolphin POD Project  came into being for the purpose of assisting Planet Earth in the ascension process of raising global consciousness by spreading the Dolphin energy of JOY, LOVE, HARMONY, PEACE, CREATIVITY, PLAY, CONNECTION, and


It is the MISSION of The Dolphin Pod Project and Facilitator Apprentice Program to spread their message throughout our universe and beyond to the Multiverse.  Through the creation of a “Super-Pod” of hundreds, thousands, and more members, it is necessary to have skilled facilitators to guide the focus of the PODS. 

Soul Essence Portrait

“Megan is one who is lifting the veils and exposing to others their true and unique beauty.  Though deeply grounded in the elements of this world, earth, air, fire, and water, her heart guides her to reach out to the world of Spirit which nourishes and inspires her Soul.  This inspiration propels her passionate and creative search for ways to help others find their healing fulfillment as creative spiritual beings.  The colors of magenta, peach, and teal carry her high vibration as a spiritual teacher of great wisdom and compassion.  The flowing shapes denote her role as a gentle yet powerful healer.  She helps others reach their fullest potential with grace and ease, effortlessness and joy.  The symbol at the core of her heart represents her dedication to truth, balance, and the eternal creative process. The Dolphin guides her in spreading the consciousness of harmony, creativity, play, connectivity, and oneness throughout the universe and beyond….”

                                                       Channeled by Lyn Mason, artist

“Megan is a gifted intuitive energy worker. Using sound, Light and vibration, she is able to dissolve energetic blocks in the physical body, karmic and emotional bodies. I highly recommend Megan.”

A. Integre
Medical Intuitive

I have mentored with Megan for the last 5 years and have learned the profound truth that I can choose Joy every day of my life and deeply know how to live it. I know how to catch myself in the moment when the choice is mine to choose happiness or doubt and fear and to befriend the instinctual response.

Megan’s gentle, insightful guidance allows me to arrive at my own truth & to trust it, and I can whole heartedly refer the same gift to others.”

Speaker, author, coach

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Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

– Rumi

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