I am living my passion as Mentor and Mystic through the creation of my spiritual mentoring program SIMPLE, Spirit Inspired Mentoring Plus Loving Energy, and my Intuitive Healing practice (using Energy & Sound), HARMONIZING WITH SPIRIT.

Thank you!

It is with JOY & GRATITUDE that I have the opportunity to serve & assist you in your journey.  This is the time to experience who we are as multidimensional beings, living & expressing ourselves as LOVE itself.

Megan McGeowin

Megan is one who is lifting the veils and exposing to others their true and unique beauty. Though deeply grounded in the elements of this world, earth, air, fire, and water, her heart guides her to reach out to the world of Spirit which nourishes and inspires her Soul. This inspiration propels her passionate and creative search for ways to help others find their healing fulfillment as creative spiritual beings. She helps others reach their fullest potential with grace and ease, effortlessness and joy. The symbol at the core of her heart represents her dedication to truth, balance and the eternal creative process.

– Channeled by Lyn Mason, artist